Introducing solids - how hard can it be? Cook up some veggies, puree them and feed them to your baby.... right?

Introducing solids may not be rocket science, but as any mum who's been there will tell you, it can be overwhelming, frustrating, and even scary!

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Kerri & Liam

I don’t want to sound soppy, but I honestly do not know what I would have done if I hadn’t joined the Get It Right From the First Bite Program!!! Before joining the program I was feeling so overwhelmed about starting my son on solids - everyone has an opinion but I knew that I wanted to start right and not start him on packaged foods and given that I have allergies/sensitivities I was concerned he would too. There have been so many benefits to completing this program!



You're going in circles. 

Reading and listening to the conflicting opinions of "experts" with no clarity about why their advice is right for your baby.

Your family's advice and traditions on feeding your baby doesn't feel right for you.

Maybe it lacks the evidence you need, or your circumstances are a little different.

You have learned enough to know what you want to do - but you need the how

You would like some help with the "doing" the exact steps to take.

You need answers.  

You have a plan, you're ready to go, but you know you'll have a few questions along the way and would like to have someone who gets what you're doing, why you're doing it and can help you when needed. 

You know packaged foods aren't right for your baby. 

But you need help with feeding your baby nutritious whole foods.

Clarissa & Maggie

It was so good to not only learn about the right foods to be feeding my baby, but also how to pick and read packaged food labels and understand what’s in them. It’s given me guidelines and understanding so I’m not so concerned about what to give my baby.


Learning about the importance of building a strong foundation with the help of ten foundational food groups and the importance of the timing of when to introducing these foods was valuable to me.

For me cost was a factor when deciding to enrol and I was concerned about whether the program was going to provide me with information that I already knew. However, I found the program simple and easy to follow and Jo to be very knowledgeable. I also find being part of the group beneficial as I get to learn through the experience of others. I’ve already recommended it to my mother’s group and to friends!

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