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The Essential Guide to Introducing Solids

Download your free copy of the 'Essential Guide to Introducing Solids' below.

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Confused about introducing solids?

You are not alone!

I’m sure you’ll agree, introducing solids comes with challenges. Knowing what to feed your baby, when to start, how much they should be eating and what to look for in terms of allergies and health concerns can be overwhelming.

When it comes to introducing solids, many of the mums I work with feel anxious and second guess themselves about what and how to feed their baby. Others worry if the food they are feeding their baby is giving them the best nutritional start in life, and most mums are overwhelmed by conflicting advice from well-meaning family and friends. 

The Essential Guide to Introducing Solids will help you to decide what’s best for your baby and what your next steps will be.

Need more support?

If you would like step-by-step guidance and support with introducing solids from a qualified nutritionist and a community of mums doing the same thing, then sign up for my 6 week online "Get it Right from Their First Bite" program.

The next round of the Program is starting soon, so join the waitlist. 

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Introducing Solids Blog Posts

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How Do I Know When My Baby is Ready for Solids?

In the first six months of life, your baby's digestive system will undergo enormous change as it develops the ability to digest solid foods.

During this time, their immune system is also maturing, allowing them to better fight any illnesses and bacteria they may come across.

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Is Gagging Normal?

Gagging can be quite scary for parents to witness because it can be so dramatic, but it's actually a very common occurrence and is part of a baby's learning process.

As opposed to choking which is completely silent and happens when something is completely blocking the airway, gagging can be very noisy and quite dramatic.

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What's the Deal with Dairy?

Who would have thought something as innocuous as milk could be so controversial? Dairy is one of the most common foods I get asked about in my clinical practice. There is plenty of conflicting advice around, even amongst health practitioners! No wonder it’s confusing!