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Register for "Get it Right From Their First Bite", a program of education, support and resources for  introducing whole foods that nurture and protect your baby's immune system, physical health and mental wellbeing. 

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Feeling overwhelmed and anxious about introducing solids?

What if you could make introducing solids an easy, stress free bonding experience that nurtured your baby's lifelong health?

"I really loved the way you broke down gut health and development of a baby’s gut into nice simple terms. I couldn’t believe how much information surprised me. Your workshop and ebook provided us with all the missing queries I had about how to promote a healthy gut and introduce allergy foods."

Gemma and baby Isaac.



You're going in circles. 

Reading and listening to the conflicting opinions of "experts" with no clarity about why their advice is right for your baby.

Your family's advice and traditions on feeding your baby doesn't feel right for you.

Maybe it lacks the evidence you need, or your circumstances are a little different.

You have learned enough to know what you want to do - but you need the how

You would like some help with the "doing" the exact steps to take.

You need answers.  

You have a plan, you're ready to go, but you know you'll have a few questions along the way and would like to have someone who gets what you're doing, why you're doing it and can help you when needed. 

You know packaged foods aren't right for your baby. 

But you need help with feeding your baby nutritious whole foods.

This program will teach you how to use whole foods to nurture your baby's...


The science is compelling. 1/3 of your baby's immune system is in their gut. Nutritious whole foods, correctly introduced can nurture gut health.

Physical Health

Nutrition from whole foods, combined with a healthy gut are the fuel and engine room of delivering your baby everything they need to thrive.

Mental Well-being

The food your baby eats together with their gut health directly impacts the production of hormones like serotonin and dopamine that impact mental well-being.

"I attended Jo’s workshop for advice on the best way to introduce solids with gut health in mind. I found Jo’s content easy to understand, useful and practical. I would recommend this workshop to anyone introducing solids. "

Rashini (mum to Louis)

What's included in the program?


4 weeks of training in the First B.I.T.E. System to lay the foundations of your knowledge and give you the why, what, when and how of introducing solids.


Whole food guides, recipes, meal plans and a whole lot more to give you step-by-step guidance and make it easy for you to confidently take action.


6 months of support getting your questions answered, including a private facebook group and weekly facebook lives. 

Hi, I'm Jo Atkinson

I'm a degree qualified Nutritionist and mum of three healthy, happy kids. 
It wasn't always this way though...

When my son was born he suffered from reflux, which put immense stress on him and our family as we went through months of not sleeping.  We tried everything including specialist baby formula, medication and alternative therapies. He was underweight, with grey skin and was in pain all the time. As he got older and we introduced him to solids, he continued struggling to thrive. He was still underweight, struggled with constipation and tummy pain and he still wasn’t sleeping well.

I spent hours and hours talking to doctors, our child health nurse, consulting doctor google and speaking to other mums. Having had my own health problems, and with a family history of autoimmune diseases and other health issues, I was really worried that my baby would grow up suffering with poor health. I was anxious, I felt like I didn’t know what I was doing, I was overwhelmed and thought I failing at being a mum.

The more research I did, the more confused I was about what to do.

This led me to studying a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional Medicine, and to working primarily with mums and their children as a nutritionist.  In my practice, I focus on nurturing a positive relationship between babies and the healthy, gut friendly foods they need to fight disease and have a long, happy and healthy life.

Along the way, both my son and I were diagnosed with Coeliac disease. This is an autoimmune disease where gluten damages our gut, reducing our ability to get nutrients from the food we eat.This led me to learn everything I could about gut health so that I was able to change the way we eat and repair the damage that had been done to our gut.

Today we are both a lot healthier and happier, and my son has overcome his early challenges to become a healthy, energetic and happy child as well as a strong competitive gymnast.

Through my journey, I have learned that simple, whole, gut-friendly food, properly prepared and lovingly introduced to children is better for them, easier for you, and less expensive and time consuming than you might think.

I use this knowledge to help clients build a positive relationship between their child and nutritious, whole food.  This helps them to be healthier and makes mealtimes easier, whilst reducing their risk of allergies and illness and avoiding fussy eating as they get older.

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"The information was detailed, practical and clearly evidence based which is refreshing given some of the rubbish out there peddled to unsuspecting parents!!"


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As you begin introducing solids, you have a rapidly closing window of opportunity to build a relationship between your little one and the nutritious whole foods that can lay the foundation of their life-long health and well-being.
As this window closes, it becomes more difficult to reduce the risk of allergies, fussy eating and habits that work against long-term nutrition and gut health.
The sooner you start, the more confident you will feel, and the more influence you will have.
If you're ready, or soon will be ready to introduce solids - now is the time to get started.

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