If I Have a Food Allergy, Will My Baby Have it Too?


Your baby “may be” more likely to have a food allergy if you have a family history of allergies, asthma or eczema.  However having a family history does not guarantee they will be also allergic to foods.  

So let me give you a little bit more information about what allergy is, the risk factors for allergies and some tips for when you’re introducing a potential  allergen to your baby for the first time. 

Allergy is defined as an immune reaction to an ingested food that results in clinical signs or symptoms. 

The cause of food allergy is multifactorial and includes family history, environmental factors and the gut microbiome - there is no “one” cause. Australia has the highest rate of food allergy in the world, with one in 10 children in Australia diagnosed with a food allergy.

The link between food allergies and eczema is the strongest - with a child with eczema 11 times more likely to develop a peanut allergy that one who doesn't have eczema. 

Children who have early onset eczema (before 3 months of age) and/or has difficult to control eczema have a higher risk of peanut allergy. 

So here's a few tips for when you're introducing a potential allergen food to your child for the first time. 

  • Always introduce new foods in the morning so you have time during the day to watch for any reactions. 
  • Consider asking someone else to feed this food to your child, or have someone with you - particularly if its a food you are allergic to yourself.  
  • Have a plan and know who to call - call an ambulance if there’s a severe reaction such as difficult/noisy breathing or your baby becomes pale and floppy, or if there is tongue swelling.


  • Always, always  keep watch!

Download the “How to recognise an allergic reaction” PDF and stick to your fridge as a reference. 

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