What Can I Do About My Baby's Constipation?


Constipation is a very common problem when you move from easily digested breastmilk or formula to introducing solid foods. 

My recommended treatments for constipation are...

  1. Avoid rice cereal - rice cereals can be difficult for your baby’s immature gut to digest and also contain added iron that can cause constipation. 
  2. Mix in some fats with your baby’s foods  (olive or coconut oil or some ghee) - fats help to keep the digestive system moving.
  3. Offer your baby  a little bit of stewed pear or apple (grate some pear, including the skin, pop into a saucepan, cover with just enough water to cover the fruit) and cook on low heat until soft. If pureeing foods, then puree in a blender - You can give this on it’s own, or mix in with veggies. 
  4. Offer a little bit of water in between feeds (30ml of cooled, boiled water).
  5. Give your little one a warm bath, then using some baby massage oil, massage her tummy in a clockwise direction 
  6. If you...
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