What Can I Feed My Baby For Breakfast?


Let me answer this question by first addressing any misconceptions that might exist around what “breakfast” is and isn’t.  Breakfast is just a meal for your baby. 

Any food that you can feed them at any other time of the day, you can also feed them for breakfast.  Now I know that for some people, that seems a little unusual - because they have grown up thinking that you only eat certain foods for breakfast.  So let’s talk about this...

Traditionally, breakfast is the first meal of the day to “break the fast” of the previous night. Food manufacturers would have us believe that breakfast needs to be “breakfast foods” like cereal or toast, but this just isn’t true. 

In fact, most “breakfast foods” lack the nutrients your child needs to thrive and they also often contain additives and added sugars that can have a negative impact on your child’s health. 

Take for example rice cereal - No...

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