Get it Right From Their First Bite

Helping you to feel confident with introducing foods that will set the foundation to a longer, healthier and happier life for your child.



Are you feeling anxious and overwhelmed about introducing solids, and you’re not clear on where to start?

It's not your fault that you're confused about what to feed your baby - I mean, most of us barely know how to feed ourselves right!
There's information overload and you're sitting there paralysed because you don't want to get it wrong.
This is your precious darling baby!

"I don’t want to sound soppy, but I honestly do not know what I would have done if I hadn’t joined the Get It Right From the First Bite Program!!! Before joining the program I was feeling so overwhelmed about starting my son on solids - everyone has an opinion but I knew that I wanted to start right and not start him on packaged foods and given that I have allergies/sensitivities I was concerned he would too. There have been so many benefits to completing this program!"

- Kerri & Liam

It takes a village to raise a child

But we have no longer have a village for us to lean into, no support network of Grandmas or Nanas teaching us what to do.

It can feel lonely.

And with introducing solids guidelines and research changing all the time,  it's hard to keep up with the latest advice!

And I get that it's hard to know who to trust with the health of your baby - I mean - we want SCIENTIFIC, evidence-based, gut health focused information, right?

I hear you, I feel the exact same way about my kids. It's why I took matters into my own hands. I wanted to know


So I studied and researched (I'm a total geek for this stuff) and consider it my honour to be working with a new generation of empowered mums and healthy babies.

"It was so good to not only learn about the right foods to be feeding my baby, but also how to pick and read packaged food labels and understand what’s in them. It’s given me guidelines and understanding so I’m not so concerned about what to give my baby"

- Clarissa & Maggie



You're going in circles. 

Reading and listening to the conflicting opinions of "experts" with no clarity about why their advice is right for your baby.

Your family's advice and traditions on feeding your baby doesn't feel right for you.

Maybe it lacks the evidence you need, or your circumstances are a little different.

You have already started introducing solids - but you're running into challenges.

You would like some help and answers to your questions, as and when they arise.

You need support.  

You have a plan, you're ready to go, but you know you'll have a few questions along the way and would like to have someone who gets what you're doing, why you're doing it and can help you when needed. 

You know packaged foods aren't right for your baby. 

But you need help with feeding your baby nutritious whole foods.

Imagine instead that...


You are Confident.

With a clear understanding of what food you need to feed your baby, when you should feed it to them AND why this is best for their health, wellbeing and long term relationship with food.

You are Empowered.

You know how you will introduce solids, including recipes, meal plans and feeding techniques that will make the experience stress free and special for you and your little one.

You Have a Plan.

You will build a positive relationship between your baby and nutritious whole foods. You're also on top of your concerns about allergies and fussy eating, with the confidence to know exactly what your next steps are.

You are Connected.

You are part of a community of like-minded mums with similar goals and values on the same journey as you, and are supported by a qualified nutritionist experienced with mums and babies. This is your village. 

This program will teach you how to use whole foods to nurture your baby's...


The science is compelling. 1/3 of your baby's immune system is in their gut. Nutritious whole foods, correctly introduced can nurture gut health.

Physical Health

Nutrition from whole foods, combined with a healthy gut are the fuel and engine room of delivering your baby everything they need to thrive.

Mental Well-being

The food your baby eats together with their gut health directly impacts the production of hormones like serotonin and dopamine that impact mental well-being.

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What's included in the program?


4 weekly modules with lessons in the First B.I.T.E System to lay the foundations of your knowledge and give you the why, what, when and how to introducing solids.

Module 1: Building Blocks

Learn about the nutrition your baby needs to thrive, the critical role of gut health in immunity, physical health and mental well-being and why whole foods are the best gut friendly source of nutrition.

Module 2: Introducing Whole Foods

Learn about the 10 foundational foods that will meet all of your baby’s nutritional requirements. Learn when is the right time to introduce these foods so that you also nurture and protect the vital role your baby's gut plays in their immunity, physical health and mental well-being

Module 3: Timing & Techniques

Learn how to know when your baby is ready for solids, which foods to introduce first and how, when nutritional requirements change and techniques for building a positive relationship with nutritious whole foods.

Module 4: Expanding Knowledge & Diet

Expand your baby’s diet from the ten foundational foods through knowledge on allergies, foods to avoid, fussy eating and common problems (such as constipation, sleep changes, eczema, food intolerances).


Whole food guides, recipes, meal plans and a whole lot more to give you step by step guidance and make it easy for you to confidently take action.

Whole Food Guides

Everything you need to know about the ten foundational foods that will meet all of your baby's requirements to thrive.


Step-by-step guidance on how to safely prepare whole foods for your baby.

Meal Plans

Combine whole foods with breast and formula feeding to meet your baby's changing nutritional requirements as they grow.


3 months of support getting your questions answered, including a private facebook group and weekly facebook live Q&A's & lifetime access to lessons and resources.

Facebook Group

Join me and a community of like-minded mums in a private facebook group sharing your experiences and challenges.

Weekly Q&A's

Have your questions answered by a qualified nutritionist in weekly live Q&A's in the private facebook group.

Your Village

Continue to get support through your introducing solids journey with mums who are doing it too!

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Join our program and community to be inspired, empowered and supported.

Enrol Now - Single Payment of $297
Enrol Now - Two Monthly Payments of $167

"Learning about the importance of building a strong foundation with the help of ten foundational food groups and the importance of the timing of when to introducing these foods was valuable to me.

 For me cost was a factor when deciding to enrol and I was concerned about whether the program was going to provide me with information that I already knew. However, I found the program simple and easy to follow and Jo to be very knowledgeable.  I also find being part of the group beneficial as I get to learn through the experience of others. I’ve already recommended it to my mother’s group and to friends!"

- Brooke

Your FREE BONUS Program

If looking after your baby is your number 1 priority, then you simply MUST look after yourself too! And that’s why you’ll get  the awesome “Nourishing Healthy Happy Mums” Program as a bonus just for you, where I will help you to;

  • Have enough energy at the end of the day to enjoy taking your baby out for a walk, or talk to your partner without falling asleep on the lounge by 7pm

  • Get a better sleep (when you do actually sleep) so that you can wake up feeling rested and ready for the day ahead

  • Get your hormones in balance so you feel less stressed and overwhelmed and instead feel happy and content

“Nourishing Healthy Happy Mums” is valued at $197 and you get this FOR FREE when you enrol in the "Get it Right From Their First Bite" Program. 

"As a new mum, starting solids with my son was a bit daunting to think about and with SO MUCH irrelevant information on the internet it was great to just listen to someone who clearly knew what they were talking about.

I gained a new confidence about how to approach the introduction of solids and a guide of what foods to start with and build on. Learning about gut health was actually really interesting! Thanks Jo!"
- Chelsea

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Join our program and community to be inspired, empowered and supported.

Enrol Now - Single Payment of $297
Enrol Now - Two Monthly Payments of $167

Hi, I'm Jo Atkinson

I'm a degree qualified Nutritionist and mum of three healthy, happy kids. 
It wasn't always this way though...

When my son was born he suffered from reflux, which put immense stress on him and our family as we went through months of not sleeping.  We tried everything including specialist baby formula, medication and alternative therapies. He was underweight, with grey skin and was in pain all the time. As he got older and we introduced him to solids, he continued struggling to thrive. He was still underweight, struggled with constipation and tummy pain and he still wasn’t sleeping well.

I spent hours and hours talking to doctors, our child health nurse, consulting doctor google and speaking to other mums. Having had my own health problems, and with a family history of autoimmune diseases and other health issues, I was really worried that my baby would grow up suffering with poor health. I was anxious, I felt like I didn’t know what I was doing, I was overwhelmed and thought I failing at being a mum.

The more research I did, the more confused I was about what to do.

This led me to studying a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional Medicine, and to working primarily with mums and their children as a nutritionist.  In my practice, I focus on nurturing a positive relationship between babies and the healthy, gut friendly foods they need to fight disease and have a long, happy and healthy life.

Along the way, both my son and I were diagnosed with Coeliac disease. This is an autoimmune disease where gluten damages our gut, reducing our ability to get nutrients from the food we eat.This led me to learn everything I could about gut health so that I was able to change the way we eat and repair the damage that had been done to our gut.

Today we are both a lot healthier and happier, and my son has overcome his early challenges to become a healthy, energetic and happy child as well as a strong competitive gymnast.

Through my journey, I have learned that simple, whole, gut-friendly food, properly prepared and lovingly introduced to children is better for them, easier for you, and less expensive and time consuming than you might think.

I use this knowledge to help clients build a positive relationship between their child and nutritious, whole food.  This helps them to be healthier and makes mealtimes easier, whilst reducing their risk of allergies and illness and avoiding fussy eating as they get older.

With gratitude



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Frequently Asked Questions

The program is for you if you are anxious or confused about introducing solids and would like guidance and support to build your knowledge and feel confident about your choices.

It’s also for you if you want to use nutritious whole foods for introducing solids and are looking for additional help with the “how” of using whole foods, and would like to know you have the support of someone you can ask questions of along the way.

The program had three components, Education, Resources & Support.

The Education modules are delivered over a 4 week period, but you will have LIFETIME access to all the lessons and resources.

Resources such as meal plans, recipes and whole food guides will be released throughout the program

Within the program, there is a mix of a mix of video, audio and written content so no matter how you prefer to learn, we've got you covered. You will also receive regular emails to let you know when new program content is available. 

Support is provided for the life of the program there is a private Facebook group for members of the Program only, so you can have your questions answered by either myself (Jo) or someone else who is in the program with you. There will also be weekly Live Q&As for the private Facebook group.

The topics covered in the program include;

  • Nutrition & gut health
  • Immunity, physical health & mental well-being
  • Which foods to introduce & when
  • How to determine when your baby is ready for solids
  • Techniques for feeding such as baby-led weaning & spoon feeding
  • Probiotics
  • Allergies
  • Common health problems
  • Fussy eating

And a whole lot more!

The next round of the program opens on September 16th 2019.

Absolutely! Your satisfaction is important to me, which is why I offer a no questions asked 14-day refund period for all of my programs - guaranteed!

No, you don't need any special equipment, however I do provide a list of kitchen tools & utensils that can help making your baby's food a little easier. 

You will have 3 months access to the the facebook support group and lifetime access to the content on the Learning Modules and Resource Library.

Absolutely! The program teaches you how to safely introduce common allergen foods to your baby, how to recognise an allergic reaction and what to do. 

If you have food allergies yourself, I also provide tips on how to safely introduce these foods to your baby. 


I provide a range of recipes and food suggestions that covers all common allergy foods. 

You can find just about anything online these days, but does that mean it's actually valuable? Not necessarily! One of the reasons I created this program is because there is so much incorrect and outdated information online about how to introduce solids. Get it Right From Their First Bite will always be updated with the latest evidence-based research, so you never have to worry about being fed information that is out of date. 

Take the next step

As you begin introducing solids, you have a rapidly closing window of opportunity to build a positive relationship between your little one and the nutritious whole foods that can lay the foundation of their life-long health and well-being.
As this window closes, it becomes more difficult to reduce the risk of allergies, fussy eating and habits that work against long-term nutrition and gut health.
The "Get it Right From Their First Bite" Program will teach you how easy it is to introduce whole foods in a way that helps them to thrive!

"I really loved the way you broke down gut health and development of a baby’s gut into nice simple terms. I couldn’t believe how much information surprised me. Your workshop and ebook provided us with all the missing queries I had about how to promote a healthy gut and introduce allergy foods"

- Gemma

"I have found that learning what foods to start with and understanding what compromises can and can’t be made to be very helpful. Being confident with food choice, amount and cooking for baby has led to my own happiness as a mum. I was relieved to find that the program could be tailored to me and my baby. The Facebook group is great for queries as well as gleaning ideas and suggestions from other mums also introducing solids. All our queries have been answered well. This course is really well worth it to help you feel confident."

- Nisha

"The program has given me a lot more confidence to feed my 7 month old. I already know a lot about nutrition but it supported me to follow my instincts and to also include things like eggs and meat which I would not have considered before. It has helped me take the plunge and let my baby try things and to just let her lead the process. The course content and delivery are good and it helps to have support."

- Anne-Marie

"The information was detailed, practical and clearly evidence based which is refreshing given some of the rubbish out there peddled to unsuspecting parents!!"

- Suzanne

"I attended Jo’s workshop for advice on the best way to introduce solids with gut health in mind. I found Jo’s content easy to understand, useful and practical. I would recommend this workshop to anyone introducing solids."

- Rashini

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