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Who I Work With

Mums to Be

During pregnancy, our bodies build babies. The foods you eat are the only way both you and your baby get the nutrients needed.


Becoming a mother is an identity shift and one of the most significant physical and psychological changes a woman will ever experience.

Babies & Toddlers

When your baby is born, and over the first few years of their life, nutrition plays a key role in the development of their brain, immune system and rapidly growing body.

School Children

As children reach school age, they have both new developmental needs and the challenge of a changing lifestyle and routine.

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Meet Jo 

My mission is to help your family thrive. 

Hi there !

If you are anything like most of the Mums I work with, you're facing or fearing health problems, you feel guilty because you think you could be feeding your family better, and you want to make changes. But you're overwhelmed by conflicting advice that often doesn't work in the real world. You want advice that is practical with clear steps you can actually take within the time and budget you have available. Most of all, you just want what is best for your family and you know it's going to be up to you to lead the change.

As a mum of 3, I understand how challenging it can be to do this. Watching your child suffer through eczema, constant infections, allergies, autoimmune conditions, poor sleep or behaviour problems is heartbreaking and frustrating, and as parents we often feel guilty that we aren’t doing enough. My desire to overcome my own fears, frustrations and poor health eventually led me from being a mum, overwhelmed by conflicting advice on what I should be feeding my family, to become a qualified nutritionist who is committed to helping other mums build the knowledge and confidence they need to take charge of their family's health.

It's hard to live a full happy life if you are not healthy - and none of us want this for our family. Yet making changes to how you eat can be overwhelming, and dealing with resistance and advice from well meaning family and friends doesn't make it any easier.

I believe that providing your family with proper nutrition and good gut health is one of the most important things you can do to influence their lifelong health and wellbeing and hope that I can support you on this journey.

With gratitude,

Jo Atkinson

Mum & Nutritionist 
Bachelor Health Science (Nutritional Medicine)

"The program is so informative on what foods are good and why, and you will be able to make more informed decisions when choosing food for your baby. It’s also delivered in a way that you can do it at your own pace. "

'Get it Right From Their First Bite' Program

"Learning about the importance of building a strong foundation with the help of ten foundational food groups and the importance of the timing of when to introducing these foods was valuable to me. "

'Get it Right From Their First Bite' Program

"Before joining the program I was feeling so overwhelmed about starting my son on solids - everyone has an opinion but I knew that I wanted to start right and not start him on packaged foods and given that I have allergies/sensitivities I was concerned he would too. There have been so many benefits to completing this program!"

'Get it Right From Their First Bite' Program


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